COBB Oven & Grill: Accessories For Your Kimberly™ Stove

Cobb OvenAfter losing their wood stove business in The Great Recession, Roger Lehet and his family took refuge in the belly of a 30-foot Bayliner boat moored off the coast of Vashon Island, near Seattle, where Roger Lehet grew up. It was on that deck that boat where Roger Lehet developed his early prototypes of his Kimberly™ wood stoves.

Lehet envisioned his Kimberly™ wood burning stove as an on-grid, off-grid living solution, able to heat any small space, and provide the means to cook, bake, generate electricity, heat water, and produce light by use of optional add-on accessories.

Today, the COBB Oven & Grill is a clever solution to the tiny house builder’s daily question of, “What’s for dinner?” When removed from its mesh sleeve and placed on a burning Kimberly™ stove the COBB cooking system functions beautifully as a baking oven for your small pizza, chicken dinner, or pan of brownies when a chocolate emergency strikes you in the middle of the night.  

The COBB Oven & Grill cooking system pulls double-duty as a portable grill, when used outdoors with a handful of charcoal briquettes. The mesh sleeve keeps the COBB Oven & Grill cool to the touch as a free-standing unit, safe for use on a tiny wooden deck, even when the Cobb Oven & Grill searing hot inside.

Furthermore, your neighbors will appreciate that your COBB cooking system grills stealth and nearly smokeless, as dripping fat does not land on the coals. Your meats will be moist and tender, but healthful and low in fat.

Originally developed to encourage native African families to use their abundant corn cobs as fuel for cooking, instead of disturbing the earth for coal or trees, the COBB Oven & Grill was later recognized as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Innovative Products of the Year.

The COBB Oven & Grill is believed to leave the smallest carbon footprint of any manufactured oven on the planet today. The COBB Oven & Grill has no moving or electrical components. Optional COBB accessories allow you to bake, roast, fry, stir fry, smoke, or slow cook virtually any type of food, and are conveniently packaged as a set in the COBB Kitchen In A Box.

Made from high quality stainless steel, the COBB is small and portable, measuring just 12 inches in diameter and tipping the scale at a mere 8.5 pounds. When packed in its black canvas carrying case, your COBB Oven & Grill is ready to take along to the next Tiny House Meetup or Tiny House Jamboree.

Even better, the COBB Oven & Grill is easily disassembled, cleans up easily in the tiniest kitchen sink, and is dishwasher safe—which is nice to know, just in case your tiny house contains all of the amenities of the McMansion next door!