Kimberly™ Stove For Small Cabins And Tiny Houses

Why Choose A Kimberly™ Wood Burning Stove Over Other Small Wood Stoves For Your Tiny House, Cabin, RV, Or Yurt?

Kimberly™ wood stoves1. Footprint

Kimberly’s tiny footprint saves precious floor space inside tiny houses, tree houses, cabins, RV’s, man caves, she sheds, or yurts. While other tiny wood stoves can require up to 36 inches or more clearance to combustible surfaces, the highly efficient Kimberly™ tiny wood stoves require just 6-inch clearance to combustible surfaces.

2. Outside Combustion Air Intake

Kimberly™ features outside combustion air intake, an important safety feature lacking in many other small wood stoves. Do you really want to compete with flames for oxygen in a tiny house? {We didn’t think so!}

3. Lightweight & Portable

At just 56 pounds, the Kimberly™ stove is portable and lightweight so it does not add an unnecessary burden to your trailer, if your tiny house is built on wheels. Other extra small wood stoves can weigh several hundred pounds!

4. Unique Venting System Saves $$$

Consider your total installation costs! Even a FREE wood stove can cost up to $2,000 by the time you pay for your chimney components, hearth pad, shipping, and possible installation costs. Kimberly’s unique venting savers you hundreds of dollars in venting components over other wood stoves which require Class A chimney pipe for the entire length of the chimney, making a Kimberly™ competitive with other small wood stoves in the market.

5. Reduce Moisture & Prevent Mold

Moisture is the biggest threat to any tiny house because cooking and bathing places a greater moisture burden per square foot in the walls of a tiny house than it does in a conventional home, where there is more square feet for moisture to dissipate. Your breathing alone can add an additional 400 milliliters moisture per person per day. The dry heat from the tiny Kimberly™ wood burning stove helps to protect your tiny house investment from mold.

6. Nearly Smokeless Chimney

Kimberly’s combustion is so complete that a Kimberly™ woodburner stove will burn nearly smokeless {except at start-up or when adding fuel}. Not only does this help you live more stealth in your tiny space, but you will need to store less fuel for your Kimberly™ fire. In addition, you will create less creosote in your chimney in burning smaller fires required for your tiny space, and less ash will remain for disposal. Note the size of Kimberly’s tiny ash pan!

7. Ambiance & Long Burn Times

The glow of flames through the glass door in your Kimberly™ stove adds ambiance to your tiny home. Long burn times, up to 8 hours on a single load, provide you a good night’s sleep. Who wants to climb out of their loft in the middle of the night to feed their Kimberly™ fire?

8. On-grid & Off-grid Living Solution

Optional add-on accessories facilitate off-grid living or provide a back-up for when the power goes down due to winter storms. With optional add-on accessories, your Kimberly™ stove will allow you to heat, cook, bake, generate electricity, heat water, generate light, and purify drinking water. Contact us for details.

9. Made In America

The Kimberly™ wood stove is manufactured in Southern Oregon from American made, precision cut and domestically produced stainless steel, creating more jobs here in the United States. Unforgettable Fire, LLC offers a five-year non-prorated warranty, one of the best in the industry on this high efficiency small woodburner.

10. Recognized By Third Parties

The Kimberly™ wood burning stove is EPA / CSA certified.  The Kimberly™ wood stove is recognized by the Four Lights Tiny House Company and the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company as one of the best heating solutions for tiny houses. Kimberly™ was one of only 12 wood stoves to complete the Wood Stove Decathlon, held in 2013, sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine. In addition, the Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove has been recognized by the Sierra Club and Mother Earth News for its clean burning high efficiency and benefits to our planet.

Bonus Reason

Cord wood is an abundant and renewable resource—inexpensive or FREE! Most people find that their investment in a Kimberly™ stove pays for itself within two to three years, and after that, your only heating costs are for wood.

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