little-yellowElla Jenkins caught the tiny house fever while completing her music education in Scotland. Subsequently, Ella set out to build a tiny house of her own as a way of coping with the outrageous cost of living in California that she would face when she returned.

Today, Ella is the proud owner of Little Yellow, the name that Ella christened her Tumbleweed Fencl tiny house, which she built with no prior construction experience, along with some help from her step-dad.

With trepidation and a deep breath, Ella hitched her Little Yellow tiny house to the back of a truck and put down roots by the sea, four hundred miles from the site of her tiny house build. There, relentless humidity, condensation, and winter temperatures motivated Ella to purchase a Kimberly™ wood stove, which was installed inside the “great room” of Little Yellow in early January 2014. was privileged to be Ella’s Kimberly™ wood stove dealer.

Ella chose a Kimberly™ wood stove because Kimberly™ is EPA certified and approved for 6-inch clearances to combustibles on the sides and back of flue, requiring Ella to give up very little floor space inside Little Yellow, where every square inch is coveted as prime real estate.

Ella also understood the importance of an outside combustion air intake for a wood stove that is to be installed inside a tiny house, so that occupants do not compete for oxygen with flames inside the firebox. This safety feature is built into Kimberly™, but it is one that many other small wood stoves lack.

In addition to the warmth and ambiance radiating from her Kimberly™ wood stove, Ella is thrilled to know that a burning Kimberly™ discourages the formation of mold as the fog rolls in from the coast like clockwork, permeating everything with an extra dose of moisture. Ella knows that nothing protects one’s investment in a tiny house from mold better than dry heat radiating from a Kimberly™ wood stove.

The fact that Ella could cook dinner on Kimberly’s stove top seemed to be a bonus, along with the ability to add an optional thermo-electric generator and baking oven at some time in the future to facilitate off-grid living. Ella and her boyfriend, Zac, enjoy the ambiance from the amber glow of the flames viewed through the glass of Kimberly’s door.

Ella is an engaging writer, and the ups and downs of her own Tiny House, Big Life journey is chronicled at According to Ella’s blog, in Gaelic, the color yellow, buidhe symbolizes happiness, luck, or beauty. A person who is “pretty, yellow,” brèagha, buidhe is “very pretty” and to say that, “I am yellow,” tha mi buidhe, means that one is “well, happy, or satisfied.”

Ask Ella her thoughts about her Kimberly™ wood stove, and she might reply with, tha mi buidhe. “Well, happy, and satisfied.” Ella might also mention how wonderful it is to be warm and dry! But, why don’t you read Ella’s thoughts about her Kimberly™ wood stove for yourself!