What Are Expected Burn Times In A Kimberly™ Stove?

Unforgettable Fire, LLC approximates burn time in a Kimberly™ stove as being up to 8 hours, coal bed to coal bed. Understand that your choice of fuel and moisture content will affect your burn time and heat output, as will the user’s understanding of the “sweet spot” on the damper control. The more wood gas that is produced in primary combustion by restricting the oxygen, the longer the burn time in the secondary combustion.

  • Will you wake up to active flames in the morning? {No}
    Will you wake up to a warm stove and chimney and live coals, making it easy to get your fire going again? {Likely yes, depending on fuel}

How warm your house will be after the Kimberly™ has not been refueled for a period of time will be determined by one or more variables:

  • Local climate and weather conditions.
  • Square footage and ceiling height of your space.
  • Insulation in your walls and attic.
  • Window quality and number of windows.
  • Location of your wood stove within your space.
  • Air movement & humidity levels within your space.
  • Wood species and wood moisture content of your fuel.

Understand that hard woods will burn longer and produce less creosote than will soft woods, and that dry, seasoned wood will burn longer and produce less creosote than wood containing greater than 20% moisture.

Your investment in a moisture meter with an accuracy of +/- 1% can be made for less than $50 and it will help to ensure you are getting the most heat and longest burn times from the least amount of wood.