Kimberly™ Stove Price & Value

Brand X Wood Stove vs. Kimberly™ Wood Stove

Model BRAND X Wood Stove KIMBERLY™ Wood Stove 
Retail Price: $2050.00 $3995.00
Venting: $1500.00 Class A Pipe († Estimated) $500.00 Pellet Pipe († Estimated)
Floor Pad: $500.00 Type-2 Pad († Estimated) $50.00 Type-1 Pad († Estimated)
Shipping Costs: $450.00 Shipping & Handling $50.00 Shipping & Handling
Heats: Up to 1500 square feet Up to 1500 square feet
Total Investment: $4500.00 $4545.00

† Estimated costs for an average tiny house installation. Roof design, stove placement, etc. can affect estimated costs. It is recommended that Kimberly™ installations for use in cold climates use insulated pellet pipe, due to Kimberly’s exceptionally complete combustion. For more information regarding the requirements for your Kimberly™ custom venting kit, kindly submit digital photos of your installation area to vanessa (at) TinyHouseBigLife (dot) com along with your name and phone number.

Always Consider Your TOTAL Installation Costs

While Kimberly™ has a higher retail cost than many other small wood stoves on the market, Kimberly’s venting costs are considerably less. total installation costs are similar to a $2,000.00 wood stove. Why? The difference is the chimney pipe and hearth pad.

Unforgettable Fire, LLC is the manufacturer of the only two wood stoves that are approved to vent with pellet stove pipe. All other wood require Class A chimney pipe running the entire length of the chimney, at a cost of approximately $1500.00 for a tiny house or single story residential installation such as a cabin.

Furthermore, Kimberly™ requires a less expensive Type-1 hearth pad for ember protection only. Many wood stoves require a Type-2 hearth pad for thermal protection, which is far more expensive.

You can spend your money on a Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove or you can spend your money to install a less costly wood stove, but one which requires more expensive venting and hearth pad. In the end, your total installation costs will be about the same.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions and download the Kimberly™ Owner’s Manual. Better yet, call today for your FREE Tiny House Heating and Design Consultation: 1-877-463-4004.