Kimberly™ Venting Kits

Custom Venting Kits Save You Time and Money!

Important: Follow only the Kimberly™ Owner’s Manual for installation instructions. Do not follow instructions that may be included in your pellet pipe custom venting kit.

Due to the exceptionally complete combustion inside a Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove, Kimberly™ {and her bigger sister, Katydid™} are the only two EPA Certified wood stoves which are approved to vent with pellet stove pipe with appropriate Class A passthrough. All other wood stoves must vent with Class A pipe for the entire length of the chimney, which is engineered to withstand the higher flue temperatures that other wood stoves produce from hot unburned gases exiting the chimney as smoke.

Using proprietary patent-pending gasifier technology, Kimberly™ burns the wood gases as fuel during a secondary combustion higher in the combustion chamber, producing more heat from less wood, while leaving less ash and producing a nearly smokeless chimney.

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Parts Commonly Used In Kimberly™ Installations

Part Number Part Description
Part  #  712703KT Cathedral Ceiling Support Box
Part  #  UF72050303STB Starter-T & End Cap
Part  #  71410004 Flashing & Storm Collar 0/6
Part  #  71410104 Flashing & Storm Collar 6/12
Part  #  71040103 3-Inch Bio Vent Cap
Part  #  71010603B 6-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  71011203B 12-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  71012403B 24-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  7201203BINS 24-Inch Insulated Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  7103603B 36-Inch Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  72013603BINS 36-Inch Insulated Straight Length Pipe
Part  #  71024503B 45-Degree Elbow
Part  #  71029003B 90-Degree Elbow
Part  #  98500315 3×15 Foot SS LT Flex C Kit
Part  #  98500325 3×25 Foot SS LT Flex C Kit
Part #   71094303 Pipe Flex Adaptor/Increaser
Part  #  71092603 to 6/8" Class A Pipe Adaptor
Part  #  71151003 Wall Thimble
Part  #  660004 Storm Collar