Nature’s Head® Toilets


  • Odorless, waterless, urine-separating, portable, self-contained composting toilet.
  • Choice of spider handle (as shown) or standard crank-style handle.
  • Vents and 12 volt transformers, sold separately.
  • Extra bottles and composting bases, sold separately to accommodate the needs of multiple users.

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Nature’s Head® composting toilets have been embraced by the Tiny House Community for their urine-diverting, odorless and waterless design. Nature’s Head® composting toilets are compact in size, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, self-contained, and require no electricity. Eliminate the need for expensive septic systems!

Weighing only 28 pounds, the Nature’s Head composting toilet arrives ready for installation, requiring only an external vent, 12 volt adaptorand common peat moss (purchased locally).

Proudly Made in America, with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, Nature’s Head® composting toilets provide a dignified, economical, and environmentally safe method of dealing with human waste.

Urine is diverted into a separate bottle for separate disposal, requiring emptying approximately every 2 to 5 days. The solid waste composting section will contain approximately 60-80 uses.

Prepare the Nature’s Head® composting toilet for use by placing 2 gallons of pre-moistened organic peat moss (available at your local gardening center) into the base. Seated use is recommended for both genders to divert the user’s urine. The trap door should be opened for solid waste, including toilet tissue.

Liquid wastes are emptied form the Nature’s Head® composting toilet by releasing both side front latches, raising the bowl and removing the bottle for capping. Dispose of urine appropriately and rinse bottle to cleanse.

A quick spray of water usually cleans the toilet surface. More suborn dried-on waste may be removed with a paper towel moistened with a solution of vinegar and water, and dropped into the compost medium.

Separation of liquid and solid wastes results in odor-free operation and ease of disposal. Full-size molded seat insures safety, comfort and easy maintenance. The composting handle, vent hose, and fan may be mounted on either side, to allow for the unique needs of each installation area.

For additional information, download the Nature’s Head Owner’s Manual.